When we first started dating, Steven and I started a tradition to go to Cal Poly's Pumpkin Festival every year. This past Saturday was our third year attending, and every time we go, we hunt for pumpkins to carve as jack-o-lanterns. I'm not sure what we'll be carving yet this time, but we found some good-looking pumpkins.

The pumpkin festival was fun, but I was looking forward to Sunday more. I got us tickets to see one of my favorite bands, Of Monsters and Men, live in concert. I've been wanting to watch them since their first album, so you can only imagine how excited I was about this. The concert was at the El Rey Theater; I've never been to the venue before, and it's actually a lot smaller than I had expected. I'm not complaining though, it made the concert that much more intimate and I was SO close to the band. It was by far, the best concert I've attended.