Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you're celebrating today with good food and great company. Ever since I was younger, my family and I would eat hotpot/shabu shabu for the holiday. So when I was invited to a Friendsgiving dinner at Nick and Stef's Steakhouse for a more "traditional" meal, I was looking forward to attending. I'm not the biggest steak person, but now I'm a changed woman.


I chose the Dry Aged New York Steak as my main entree, and you wouldn't believe how big it was. It was the size of my hand, and my hands are big! I asked for medium rare and it tasted amazing. The side dishes were even better, with my favorite being the Orecchiette Mac & Cheese. The Roasted Fall Squashes (pictured below) was covered in maple syrup, so it tasted just like sweet potatoes.


Out of all the desserts that were served, the buttermilk doughnuts were the best one. They were just simple, cinnamon sugar-coated donuts, but it melted right in my mouth. I was too occupied eating them that I forgot to take photos. The Manjari Chocolate Fondant was just a fancy name for a pizookie, but I'm not complaining. That pizookie was fantastic, and the milk sorbet balanced out the sweetness from the chocolate.

A personal thank-you to one of our servers Rocky, she was absolutely sweet and kind. If you plan on eating dinner at Nick and Stef's, ask for her. She'll make sure to make your evening and dinner enjoyable.