I realized that even though I'm a photographer, I actually never take pictures of myself or of any activities that I'm doing with my friends. Having this blog will hopefully change that, since I want to keep record (more importantly, photos) about things that I've done. I'm not the greatest writer, so bear with me if you're reading this.

It's hard to believe it's already the beginning of September, and school has begun for students. I struggle to keep track of time, now that I'm in the "real world," so everything just seems to be passing by much quicker than usual. With that said, for my first post I'll just recap on what happened this past summer.

My friends Evan and Monica got engaged this past July, and I couldn't be any happier for them. I met them both at UCLA as undergraduates; it's about time Evan popped the question, they've been dating for five... six years? Although it was only a surprise proposal, Evan took it to the next level--he invited all his and Monica's family and closest friends, rented out a banquet room for a small luncheon, AND prepared a speech in Spanish for Monica's family. I'm pretty sure every man in the room was slightly upset that Evan set the bar way too high.

I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Canada to shoot a wedding in the beginning of August. Even though my studio-mate Sylvia and I were stuck in Immigration prison for six hours (we needed a work permit to enter the country), Canada was absolutely beautiful with their open green fields and blue skies. With the little free time we had, we were able a popular brunch spot called Sugarbowl and eat poutine afterwards. It was a such a nice change-of-pace, and I'm hoping to visit again in the near future.

Again, I didn't take many pictures this past summer so there's not much I can show, but I can definitely still write about it. This summer was filled with many concerts, but my favorite one has to be the Death Cab for Cutie concert. It's been a dream of mine to see them live, since they're my favorite band of all time. They were absolutely amazing, and brought back a lot of nostalgia especially when they played their older songs like "Soul Meets Body" and "Transatlanticism." Definitely worth the hour wait trying to get out of Hollywood Bowl. Aside from that, most of my summer consisted of eating good food with good company. If you personally know me, you know that I'm always down to eat anything and everything. 

If you're here, that must mean you read this entire post; thanks for reading!