The last time I was in San Diego was for my brother's graduation back in 2013. I decided to revisit the city a couple weeks ago, and do as much as I can in one weekend.

I've heard great things about Balboa Park, and it didn't disappoint. There were so many museums and attractions within the park itself, and I had time to go to two: Natural History Museum and Museum of Man. There was a special exhibit about whales at NHM, so if you're planning on visiting anytime soon, take some time to learn about the magnificent creatures.

I have a newfound appreciate for San Diego's old architecture. Its design is so detailed and refined, I can only imagine how much patience went into creating these beautiful buildings. 

San Diego Zoo was celebrating its 100th birthday, which I was completely unaware of until I walked up to the entrance gate. I was expecting the animals to be inactive, but surprisingly most of them were up and running. I especially enjoyed watching the meerkats--they were so playful and candid.

Where to next? If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave in the comment section! Thanks for you reading.